Vocabulary Lesson

Last class before spring break we ran a vocabulary unit related to Civilization 4. This is the task my students were working with:

  • In this document I have listed all the different civics that can be used in Civilization 4 as well as some of the technologies.
  • I have divided the class into pairs – Each pair will work with 2 terms. 
  • Translate the term into Norwegian and write a short description in English (In your own words) The first sentence should be in bold font and give a general definition of the term. The next 3-5 sentences should be an explanation of historical/cultural context and/or some fast facts related to the term.
  • Once you have filled in the form and have learnd the meaning of the terms all computers will be closed.
  • You are then going to be partnered with other pairs where you will explain their meaning to each other. Bring a pen and paper, and take notes. Make sure you ask questions if you don´t understand the description 
  • NB! Speak only English when giving your explanations.
  • We will end the class with a Kahoot quiz on the terms that you have been working with.
  • I will open the google doc for editing before we leave today. All groups must post their descriptions before you start working on your blog posts.

About teacheraleks

Teacher, and Games and Learning Specialist at Nordahl Grieg Upper Secondary School in Bergen, Norway.
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